#86 Windows Title Bar Stripping

Richard Laager

I'd like to see a feature where I could strip the topmost X pixels
(with the correct default for the standard Windows titlebar). This
way, when running applications in single-app mode, I wouldn't
see duplicate titlebars... They'd look mostly like native Linux
applications (and I could always get a Bluecurve Windows theme
for the remote system to make them match almost perfectly).

I tried coding this once before, but had problems. I'm willing to try
again, if someone can provide some pointers on how I might
accomplish this within the rdesktop code.


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    You can change all the drawing commands to take your
    negative offset into account, but that'll be messy and bug
    Perhaps the easiest way would be to create a subwindow with
    a negative offset relative to the actual window and change
    all XCreateGC commands to draw on it rather than on the main
    A cute idea for a patch, really. I wonder if there's an RDP
    way to get the window info of the current window so rdesktop
    could change accordingly. (BTW, RDP 6.0 is promised to bring
    a real one-window RDP mode.)

  • Peter Åstrand
    Peter Åstrand

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    You can get rid of the local title bar by using -D. This is
    the best solution, IMHO. Removing the Windows title bar is
    very hard and error prone:

    * You don't know the size of the title bar.

    * Sometimes, extra widgets or menus are inserted into the
    title bar. If you hide the Windows title bar, these will be

    * If one implements "seamless windows" functionality (with
    several windows active from the WTS session), problems will
    arise if the local title bar size is smaller than the
    Windows title bar.

  • Richard Laager
    Richard Laager

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    I'm well aware this is a suboptimal solution. It might even
    be considered a hack. I still want to do it... even if it
    stands zero chance of being accepted into rdesktop, as I
    think it'd be cool. I have a couple Windows apps that I use
    semi-regularly via a terminal server, and I'd like them to
    blend as much as possible with my local environment.

    If you have any pointers on how I might accomplish this,
    I'd greatly appreciate it.