#25 Ability to disable capture of sound channel


Because I'm running newer hardware, Linux does not yet
support all components including (unfortunately) my
sound-card. The WinXP system I use rdesktop to connect
to sits right next to me, so I don't technically need
to divert the sound to rdesktop. Is it possible to
have a switch which says "don't try to channel the
sound to rdesktop"...?



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    Ability to leave sound at the Windows system would be
    useful to me as well.

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    I will 'third' this. I use rdesktop at work since I have a
    Linux box and a Windows laptop. rdesktop allows me to
    agregate both systems on a single KVM and thus saves me
    getting RSI using the laptop's keyboard. I find rdesktop to
    be a fantastic piece of software -- truly, the only thing I
    am missing is the ability to use WinAmp on my laptop next to
    me (helps pass the time at work!)