#41 powerpoint full-screen drawing bug

Rob Adamson

When using the latest CVS version of rdesktop (i.e. 20
Jan 2003), there is a bug in the drawing of a
Powerpoint presentation full-screen. The background of
the slide is black instead of the colour it should be,
except where text is drawn, and images have rectangular
regions missing, or it only shows small rectangular
blocks of the image. This occurs in rdesktop's
fullscreen mode and windowed mode, and it also occurred
on an older CVS version (26 Nov 2002).

Tried on two PCs, one with XFree86 4.1 and one with
3.3.6 (both Debian GNU/Linux 3.0); both Linux kernel
2.4.20, x86 architecture.

The bug is not present on an older version of rdesktop

This is using Powerpoint 97 (SR-2) on NT 4 TSE.



  • Rob Adamson
    Rob Adamson

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    More info: I've found that the bug does not occur when no
    slide transiton effect is used. It does happen with the
    "fade through black" effect - which should dither the screen
    with black pixels (it does this in Powerpoint's windowed
    mode) then the pixels of the new slide. Of course any of
    these fancy effects are dead slow via RDP (maybe 10Gbit
    Ethernet would help!) but I don't see why it should corrupt
    the screen.

    The bug occurs whether or not the -b option is given.

    I've also just tried 'Blinds Horizontal' (and , and though
    it works more succesfully than 'Fade through black', some
    white areas of images are left with the background colour
    (in this case, red). Again this is when viewing the slide
    show in full screen mode. Displaying it in a powerpoint
    window doesn't show the problems. This problem occurs in
    nearly all of the slide transition effects.

    'Cut Through Black' works fine.