#26 Reversed characters - L, t, others

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I have recently upgraded my X server to Xig's Summit
2.2-6 on Mandrake Linux 9.0. Since the upgrade I notice
that rdesktop (Version 1.1.0-pl19-9-0) presents several
characters reversed (mirror image). Specifically, I see
this a lot with the capital letter "L" and less often
with the lower case "t'. I have also noticed that
occasionally the "L" and "t" are displayed correctly,
so this bug is not even 100% consistent. It is however
consistent in that the "L" in the Windows 2000 login
screen "Log on to:" field is always reversed.

Text entry is also effected. If I type a series of
"L"'s in the User Name: field of the login screen for
Windows 2000 every other "L" is reversed. The "t"
appears fine here.

I have not witnessed this under any other applications
since moving to the Summit X product, nor do I recall
ever seeing this under XFree.


  • Mike McKee
    Mike McKee

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    I had seen this on an earlier version, but it went away with
    1.2.0. There's also a special trick you have to use with
    1.2.0 -- cd to where you expanded the source, then run
    rdesktop from there. If you don't use the cd and launch
    technique, but explicitly call it with something like
    /home/myuser/apps/rdesktop/rdesktop blah blah, it will work,
    but may have problems where text does not show up until
    highlighted, and only in some kinds of text editors or
    dialog boxes.

    Of course, a good Bash file that does the cd and launch
    technique should provide you with an icon that makes
    rdesktop 1.2.0 work without a hitch. I hope a future version
    won't have the text problem, but here's the workaround for now.

  • Peter Åstrand
    Peter Åstrand

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    Is this still a problem?

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    I have this issue with rdesktop 1.3.0-1 on debian sid
    connecting to a Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

    This also happens in applications like outlook or word
    especially in the menu bars.

  • jpa

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    Still occurs with v1.3.1

    XFree86 Version
    Build Operating System: Linux 2.4.22-gentoo-r7 i686 [ELF]

    RDP'ing to Windows XP SP1++


  • jpa

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    By the way, it is font and style dependent
    Using WordPad.
    Lucida Sans Unicode: inverse 't'
    Courier New: inverse 'N', add bold and it inverses 'R'

    Once you start typing on a line that contains inverted
    characters, they all go to normal again. They stay normal
    until the line needs to be redrawn (e.g. select the line,
    then click somewhere else).

    This looks line an issue in the algorithm that redraws a
    line. I have not checked the code, so maybe I'm wrong:
    . when typing, the characters on the line are rendered one
    by one,
    . when the whole line is drawn the characters are rendered
    in one group then displayed.
    The font handling might be different in each case.

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    RH9 running rdesktop to WinXP. Tried 1.2.0 (rh dist) and
    1.3.1 (build from source).
    In system menus, "t" is replaced by "j" ("Sjarj" menu), and
    "L" is replaced by "J" ("Jog off").

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    Happens also with Windows 2003 TS

  • Lapo Luchini
    Lapo Luchini

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    What happens to me on FreeBSD using 1.6.0 is more like to a "vertical offset" of the font, e.g. 'L' can become like '┠' or '┏', just like the letter wraps around on the vertical axis.

  • Lapo Luchini
    Lapo Luchini

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    BTW: the XaaNoMono8x8PatternFillRect work-around in xorg.conf is working for me, and I'm not using "radeon" driver like most people that's usink that option, but "sis".
    Without that work-around, the problem's still here, though.