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rddc 0.2.2 released

Rddc is a dynamic DNS update client written in ruby.
This release includes support for two new languages (spanish and portugese), as well as a Makefile to ease installation.

Rddc is able to update your account at multiple services.
Currently those are: dyndns.org, changeip.com and cjb.net
And it supports multiple languages.
Currently: english, german, spanish, italian, dutch, romanian, spanish and portugese.... read more

Posted by Hartwig Brandl 2004-06-11

rddc-0.2.1 released

Only four days after the release of 0.2 we've released 0.2.1.

This is not a feature release. However we've incorporated four new language files. Thus we currently support six languages.
Those are besides english: italian, romanian, spanish, dutch and german.
More languages should follow soon.
Many thanks to the translators. (dalilha - italian, ddclad - romanian, jespino - spanish, marcsiebren - dutch and mudelta - german)... read more

Posted by Hartwig Brandl 2004-06-02

rddc-0.2 released

As of now rddc-0.2 is available for download.
There have been major code changes to all parts of rddc.

It now has built in support for multiple languages.

Support for cjb.net and changeip.com was added.
Plugins for other services are easy to implement.

Finally a config file generation script was written.


Posted by Hartwig Brandl 2004-05-29

rddc-0.1 released

Today I released the inital version of rddc.
Give this release a try, and report any bugs you find back to me. (although there shouldn't be many :-) )

Posted by Hartwig Brandl 2004-04-14

first steps

rddc has found a home on sf.net - great!
During approximately the next two to three weeks I will write up a basic architectural design document.

Posted by Hartwig Brandl 2004-02-17