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rdbform / News: Recent posts

00.74.00 - scheme lisp-like scripting language

Database schema generator now includes scheme lisp-like scripting language.
Some bugs fixed.

Posted by avhohlov 2013-09-01

00.73.01 - database and client refactoring

PL/SQL code in Oracle repository database now similar to PostgreSQL code.
Grid view performance are improved.

Posted by avhohlov 2012-07-10

Repository source code

Repository database source code are placed into src/server directory

Posted by avhohlov 2012-03-22

00.73.00 - PostgreSQL repository database

Oracle repository database are ported to PostgreSQL (experimental)

Posted by avhohlov 2012-03-22

00.72.02 - Dates and numbers format patterns

Now different dates and numbers format patterns may be used

Posted by avhohlov 2012-02-01

00.71.00 - schema generator updated

Database schema generator for non-Oracle DBMS are released

Posted by avhohlov 2011-01-06

00.71.00 - bug fixed in data fetch mechanism

See second comment in net.sf.rdbform.RDBForm.java

Posted by avhohlov 2011-01-06

00.70.01 - serious bug fixed in forms editor

See second comment in net.sf.rdbform.RDBForm.java

Posted by avhohlov 2010-07-21