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New buttons for hide clip. Useful for hide password stored in clip queue. Hidden clips are shows as **,
but inserted is correctly. Technically - file on filesystem has got set attribute hidden.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2014-06-21


Copy more commands into DOS windows has been fixed (rclipstep.ini - IncompProgType="VAL")

Posted by Richard Wiener 2014-05-29


You can't edit RO clip. Width and height of preview window have been increased.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2014-05-05


New option AutoClearQueue for invoke dialog for claning clip queue when limit of clips is reached.
Bug about moving clip when there is some gaps in line of clips has been fixed.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-11-22


Fix persist some clips (before last fixed clip) in memory when clip queue has been changed.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-08-11


Title window has been changed to recognise view or editing clip.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-05-19


Change default value for AutoDestroyPreview from 0 to 1, change implicit number of clips from 1000 to 10000

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-04-06


Defect calculate percent during delete clips has been repaired.
New option $AllowDuplicity in rclipstep.ini. Set it to 1 means allow duplicity in clip queue.
New clip will be always add at the end of the clip queue.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-02-23


Defect about change row order on click buttons has been repaired.
Defect about unchanged order the images for lines when records are re-sorted has been repaired.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-02-17


You can click on column header to sort list of clips in preview window.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2013-01-12


Fix bug increase $LimitList above 1000

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-10-27


Fix bug about copy the same clip twice

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-09-10


Fix bug about handling preview window called from tray menu
Fix bug about loose catching new clips after show preview windows

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-09-09


Fix small bugfix about handling preview window

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-09-03


Fix close preview window in insert mode

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-09-02


Fix open preview window by start, fix creating log file by default.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-08-20


Preview window has to be close manually just now. New option -$AutoDestroyPreview - allows to switch to old style. It means autoclose preview when you leave it.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-08-19


New function for Ctrl-N. Expand letter to full network specification for file specification patch.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-08-12


New button for mark clip as Read-Only. Behavior about RO clips has been changed - RO clips are never deleted, moved, ... others clips are deleted.
Gaps between clips are now allowed (= deleting clips below RO one).
RO clips could be edited, but only in memory - last reload clips from disk (restart rclipstep) will restore original text of clip.
There is a new menu for simple clipboard operation - To upper, to lower, to text - same as existing function Ctrl-V-T, Ctrl-V-U, Ctrl-V-L.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-06-17


Highlight read only items in preview windows (light green).
Deleting clips respects read only attribut, RO clips cannot be deleted.
RO clips could comming from IncludeDir or Attribut Read Only could be set in standard clips directory.
Bugfix about navigation in preview windows.
New menu in preview window

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-05-08


Small bugfix about highlighting clips

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-04-10


here is a new field Modified in preview window. Date with format DD.MM.YYYY HH24:MI:SS
There is new option in rclipstep.ini - $BgColorNormal, $BgColorinsert, $ExitKey
There are new option in rclipstep.ini file for debuging. Its have no sence for common users.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-04-09


Bugfix- You can navigate by number of clip in preview window
- do not delete clips that are marked as Read-only
- Deleting clips executes through recycle bin.

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-04-08


Bugfix loose keys up, down... when all clips are deleted from preview window

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-01-07


Bugfix crash program for Ctrl-V-X (missed variable $IsPressed)

Posted by Richard Wiener 2012-01-02