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RateAmp / News: Recent posts

RateAmp released

The plugin grows up and up - a big "thank you" to all the users!

The new release maintainly improves the config dialog. Even the LoadDatabase function and the fontsize for highresolution displays were improved.

Additionally the is a new feature: if you move a mass of files, you can use a new kind of "find and replace" function info the database-field "filename". So you have now the possibility to manage and update your RateAmp-database after simple mass file movements.

Posted by ideec 2007-09-15

RateAmp grows up

Yeah: The actual version of RateAmp was downloaded over 100 times.
This is a new step for this small plugin.

The actual version is stabel and assist you by rating your music. The changed Shuffle-mode lets play Winamp more good music than the worst rated. Try Rateamp, too.

Posted by ideec 2007-08-11

RateAmp released

There is a new RateAmp release out now!
Here are the new fixes and features!
*lowerCase FileNames
*CompareMode corrected
*Histogram with 5 Star rating
*PluginName corrected
*dynamical refresh of Histo Form, if any Trackrateing changed
*CalcWinampRate speedup
*adb: BeginUpdate, EndUpdate, OnListChanged, OnItemChanged added, CalcVRating new
*ActualTrackIdent now as property
*Config: BtnNormalizeRatingClick implemented
*MainForm: SpeedUp throuh OnItemChanged and OnListChanged; DrawCell...
*gen_rateamp: Rename: TWAGPP now TRateAmp, startup line changed, new CalcWinampRate
*WaitForm: better timing, ProcessMessages now active
*Smaller Bugfixes

Posted by ideec 2007-07-28

RateAmp - 64/32 Bit compatible

now some more people tested the new version. I think its official 64 Bit and 32 Bit compatible.

Download and check it out!

Posted by ideec 2007-03-09


Sorry! The 64bit problem is still present.
The last release only generates a simple error message and unload the plugin, so Winamp should be useable as normal.

Posted by ideec 2006-11-26

Rateamp - New Release - 32/64bit

now I hope the plugin is compatible to 64bit systems.

The MS Platform SDK say the used one are the right functions to "...write code that is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows®..." I hope this will do so.

Additional there are a minor change: If you move files an empty directory will now be deleted.

Posted by ideec 2006-11-24

Rateamp - New Release

The new version is availiable since yesterday.

*There are now more error msg to find out whats going wrong - if there is somethin wrong...

*Also there is a new file version #5: This improves the handling of temporary nonreachable files.

*Additional there is a faster track change.

*And now there are some keys passed-threw form the _rateamp_window_ to the mainwindow:

J for the Jump-to-window
left,right to skip 5 sec.
+ for rate pos
- for rate neg
backsp for clear a song rating
s for shuffle
etc.... read more

Posted by ideec 2006-11-18

Rateamp - New release, now with SVN

Here is the new release with an modified rating system. It is possible to rate a Track negative by skipping them, ignore them by skiping them positive, but if you play a track completely this will be rated normaly positive. All the ratingsteps are now configurateable in the configform.

Additional the Subversion-System is now aktive and in use. So this is the last release without an version control system. I hope you are interested to load the code of the project and try some changes. If you made an improvement, send it to me!

Posted by ideec 2006-11-05

Rateamp New Release: New Feature

Ok, this is not only one feature:
Now its possible to move files per plugin: this garantes, that the File will be moved on HDD and in the Database; also the Winamp Playlist will be refreshed.

Also its now possible to remove files completely from HDD. So, if you want to do: Its possible so say, this is a second new feature.

To do this functionality, the WinampControl2 class gets 2 new funtions in the new Version. With this knowledge its now possible to realize other features in the future.... read more

Posted by ideec 2006-10-27

New Release: New Features, Bugfixes, and a big error solved

A new release improves this Winamp Plugin.
There are several small Bugfixes and some Feature Improvements. But: A big error is solved, so you could load now less files in Winamp Playlist, than in the RateAmp-Database included.

Posted by ideec 2006-10-15

Minor Update: now userinterface completely in english

the minorupdate makes the user-interface (any window and message-dialog) english native. But if you want to use another language: the CustomLangini is easy to customize

Posted by ideec 2006-09-12

Language Support added

An user asked for an additional language support, i've worked a few days on it: an here it is!
The readmefile discribes how to make your own languagefiles, and how to use the. The german File, including in the new download isn't very well, but i hope you understand for what the lines are. Please send me your Language File. But even, and this is more importand: send my the langcode of an english system.
And: Thank you for the Feature Request.

Posted by ideec 2006-09-10

First beta release out now!

The first beta release is out now. Download an try today.

Posted by ideec 2006-09-07