RapidMiner 4.5 released

RapidMiner is a mature and complete data mining solution enabling analysts to find underlying patterns in large volumes of data and making use of those. More than 500 operators, i.e. basic analysis steps, cover all important aspects of data analysis, ETL, and even reporting. This turns RapidMiner from a mere data mining application into a predictive business intelligence suite.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of RapidMiner 4.5. We again worked hard on improving RapidMiner to meet your data analysis, ETL, and BI requirements. The result is now available for download and provides 13 new operators, more than 10 bugfixes, and a lot of exciting new features like:

* the new operator Script allowing for arbitrary Groovy scripts,

* improvements for the join and the aggregation operators,

* faster name based access of attributes,

* and several usability enhancements among others.

You can find detailed information about RapidMiner 4.5 at


The new version and all RapidMiner plugins are available at


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Posted by Ingo Mierswa 2009-07-20