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RapidMiner 4.3 released

RapidMiner is a mature and complete business intelligence suite
as well as a complete data mining library which can be used
within your own applications. About 500 powerful data mining,
analysis, and reporting operators can be combined in order to
define even very complex data analysis, ETL, and BI processes.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of RapidMiner 4.3.
During the last months, we worked hard on improving RapidMiner
to meet your data analysis, ETL, and BI requirements. The result
is now available for download and provides more than 50 new
operators and a lot of exciting new features:

- Improve your analysis and data transformations by upgraded
data pivotings, new aggregation functions, or date and time
- Enjoy the simplified usage of function based attribute
construction, optimized wizards, or the new visualizations
including zooming and panning
- Create more powerful processes with enhanced macros or the
new result storage mechanism
- Make use of the improved lift charts and optimize your
marketing, your churn reduction efforts, your...

You can find detailed information about RapidMiner 4.3 at


The new version and all RapidMiner plugins are available at


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Posted by Ingo Mierswa 2013-02-22