RapidMiner: 4.1 released

(aka YALE) data mining, machine learning, knowledge discovery, business intelligence in Java. 400+ operators: data mining incl. Weka,learning,preprocessing,validation,visualization. GUI,API,XML,analysis,knowledge discovery,databases,business intelligence

RapidMiner is a mature data mining application as
well as a complete machine learning library which
can be used within your own applications. About
500 powerful data mining operators can be combined
in order to define even very complex data mining
processes. Together with its support for all
analysis-relevant ETL processes and the exportable
visualizations RapidMiner can also be used as a
Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting appliance.

This release is a major bugfix and feature release.
In particular, two errors which caused unusual high
memory consumptions for some data mining processes
were fixed and several new features were added,

- new 64 bit version for Windows x64 systems
- improved and more comprehensive documentation
of all operators inside the programm
- two different icon sets and look and feels
- new and improved plotting facilities including
different shapes for plotter points
- the most important preprocessing operators can
now produce both views and materialized data
- several new preprocessing models were added
- improved wizards for data loading and new
wizards for parameter optimizations / iterations
- performance of several learning schemes improved

In total, about 80 bugs were fixed compared to
version 4.0 and it is therefore highly recommended
to change to version 4.1 instead. In addition,
the new features together with a lot of new data
mining and analysis operators give you another
reasons to try the new version.

You can find more information about the new release

RapidMiner 4.1



The new version and all RapidMiner plugins are
available at


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Posted by Ingo Mierswa 2008-05-19