YALE renamed to RapidMiner -- and new release 4.0beta

YALE is the number one open-source solution for
data mining and machine learning. It is a mature
data mining application as well as a complete
machine learning library which can be used
within your own applications. Almost 400 powerful
data mining operators can be combined in order
to define even very complex data mining processes.

We now decided to rename YALE into RapidMiner.
You can find more information about this renaming


We also have just build a new major release of
RapidMiner / YALE. Although it is marked as beta,
it is already very stable and provides many new
and improved operations as well as a completely
revised user interface. The clustering plugin is
now also a part of the RapidMiner core. You can
find more information about the new release

RapidMiner 4.0beta



The new version and all RapidMiner / YALE plugins
are available at


Please send comments and requests to


Posted by Ingo Mierswa 2007-05-30