Yale 2.3.3 released

YALE is a flexible Java environment for machine learning and data mining, many nestable learning and preprocessing operators (including Weka) are provided. The new version 2.3.3 of Yale provides some new features and bugfixes.

Several new features where implemented for Yale 2.3.3. These are: a new operator IteratingOperatorChain, some new target functions for the ExampleSetGenerator, Bayesian Boosting now supports internal bootstrapping and provides the performance values to plot them with the experiment log operator, Weka models are now displayed in the message viewer and log files.

The bugfixes include an exception in toString() of tree, former wrong command line construction for C45Learner, bug in status bar which increases CPU usage (low priority) and does not show the correct operator, removal of nominal attributes in feature selection experiments.

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Posted by Ingo Mierswa 2013-02-22