MH Book 200605 released

The venerable MH message handling system: a command-line based mail user agent for UNIX/Linux developed at the RAND Corporation and the University of California, Irvine. This update represents a move from UCI to SourceForge and a major facelift in the look and feel and navigation. Read on for more details.

MH home page at
Online version of MH book at

* Changes in MH Book 200605

This update represents a move from UCI to SourceForge and a major facelift in the look and feel and navigation.

** Major Changes in MH Book 200605

*** Rehosted MH and book at SourceForge.

Made appropriate edits related to the move to SourceForge and to reflect new realities (no, you can't get a 6250 BPI 9-track tape from UCI).

*** Simplified interface and navigation.

Removed frames. Removed separate home pages, indices, and table of contents for sub-sections. There is now a single index and table of contents (which doubles as the book's home page) which are both accessible from the header of every page.

*** Replaced index search with Google site search.

*** Renamed files with .htm extension to .html.

*** Renamed download/split to examples.

*** Deprecated mirrors.

Mirrors appear to be either dead, overloaded, or unnecessary. Deleted servers.html and references to it.

** Minor Changes in MH Book 200605

*** Mention GNU mailutils.

While GNU mailutils itself isn't documented, it is cited as a source of MH.

*** Update URL to nmh.

nmh is now at ( is defunct).

*** Deprecated use of mh-mime-sample mailbot.

It's easy enough to get this file from the book itself.

*** Updated URL to MH FAQ.

*** Cleaned up references to MH-E.

The MH-E Manual is now a separate book at

*** Deleted sections about obtaining book and examples via ftp, ftpmail, uucp.

*** Use full book name in titles to provide context in search results.

*** Merged update.html and whatsnew.html into NEWS.

The NEWS file is in plain text to make it easier to include in release notes in SourceForge releases. The former files were deleted.

*** Replaced O'Reilly & Associates with O'Reilly Media.

*** Removed lots of obsolete files.

*** Internal changes.

Downcased tags, replaced deprecated usage with CSS, indented, use PHP to provide common header and footer. Added Makefile so one can now simply run make to check out files and build indexes.

Posted by Bill Wohler 2006-05-31