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Got a bug with old jre and old MSWindows

One of the computers at one of the schools where I've been teaching printed identical cards on each page, although it did randomize each page. That kind of defeats the purpose of doing two a page.

I don't have access to a machine to test, so I'll be flying blind when I try to fix this bug. But I do want potential users to know that it's a bug if they get the same results.

Posted by Joel Rees 2008-03-27

java package now available

I should have done this last summer, but I don't seem to juggle work and family and hobby stuff very well.

Anyway, the java version is now available without having to get the source from CVS and compile it yourself.

A version for jre 1.5 (Java 5, compiled on Mac OS X Tiger) and a version for jre 1.4 (compiled on Mac OS X Jaguar) are available.

Both still need a lot of work. The font menu, in particular, doesn't work very well on MSWindows.

Posted by Joel Rees 2008-02-05

java module is ranbunhyou_java_2, BTW,

the rest of the java directories are abortive attempts at remembering cvs.

Posted by Joel Rees 2007-06-10

java source now available

Source for my port of RanBunHyou to Java is now available.

Features are not quite to the same level as the Macintosh version, still needing some help files, more stable layout of the 5by5 grid, and most of the random tests function.

No handling of text file encoding whatsoever, so you get to guess what the Java runtime thinks your current login to your OS is. Or something like that. Probably UTF-8 or UTF-16 Unicode.... read more

Posted by Joel Rees 2007-06-10