>then maybe you run the jackd server as another user ...

That was the problem...I was trying to run jackd as root so that I could use the -R option, but that causes other problems.  Looks like I need to read up on jack usage!

>>Also, is there any way to use rakarrack as a LADSPA plugin?  I would
>>love to be able to use a saved setting in a bank as a plugin in
>If someday I have time I have plan to port to LADSPA some individual
>effects included in rakarrack, but not today :)

Actually, I wasn't asking for individual effects to be ported to LADSPA...  that would take forever!  No, I was wondering if I could use all of rakarrack as a single plugin...and the plugin GUI need only allow the selection of an existing setting in an existing bank, not allow all the individual parameters to get changed.  I thought that would be simpler.  I don't mind making it the first project I do with the rakarrack source code (as soon as I'm ready to take on another body of open-source code :-).  Still, I thought I'd ask about it.