I don't know why the email didn't come to me, but maybe my email is not listed for devel... should check on that... or maybe it is my yahoo mail (which I have not checked in months).

I have not heard from holborn for several weeks (holborn is probably who you emailed).  Last I heard from him he was busy, so I hope that is the only problem.

Anyway, I can apply this, try this, and commit to git.  To include this in a release, Holborn will need to try it and approve, so we will have to wait and see when he responds. 

 I appreciate your contribution, and I apologize you didn't get a more prompt response the first time.
For now I can apply the patch and try it.  If I like it I can push it to git.  If Holborn likes it, then it will stay, if not, then he might revert the change, or modify if he needs to.

To me it sounds like a good improvement, so I don't think he will object.
Take care, and again, thanks.

On 02/17/2012 11:52 PM, Patrick Noziska wrote:
I directly emailed the developers about this, but got no response, so I thought I'd post this to the list in hopes of getting a hearing on this:

I wish to propose the following patch to rakarrack (patch file attach) to improve Bank Manager, or at least remedy frustrations I have had with it. :-)

Currently, when the Bank Manager window is opened,  only the configured \"User Directory\" (from Preferences) is scanned, which defaults to \"/usr/share/rakarrack\".  When \"User Directory\" is changed to point to a different directory (as I do),  Bank Manager is no longer able to load Default, Extra, and Extra1.  My proposed patch makes the following changes:

a) When Bank Manager is opened, both DATADIR and \"User Directory\" are scanned to populate the \"User Banks\" dropdown list.  Full pathnames of all bank files found are stored in class RKRGUI and refreshed whenever the Bank Manager Window is closed and re-opened.

b) When a new bank is loaded (from any directory) with \"Load Bank\" when the Bank Manager window is open,  that bank is added to the Bank Manager Window dropdown list. However, this bank is lost from the list when the Bank Manager window is closed.

If this meets with your approval, I would like to commit this patch to git and become a contributor to rakarrack.

Best Regards,

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