I know I have a tendancy to sort of talk too much, it's just I'm enthusiastic to have found an open source guitar processing project which imho is better than commercial software (I've long used guitar rig 2 and 3). I know you are working much on this program and in no way I want to put stress on you - rakarrack for me is allready perfectly usable as is. I just like to help how I can (I'm not good enough at coding - maybe someday). Ok, just wanted to say this because recently I talked a lot on this list and I don't want you to think I dislike what you are doing or how you are doing it. Actually, I quite like it :)

Having said this, I have some little remarks/observations/feature requests:
1) The list of midi-assignable parameters in the MIDI learn window it's sort sort of a mess, especially as more effects are added. Would it be possible to have it alphabetically ordered? Or even better, it would be nice to have it organized as a tree: one would see only the effect's names (Derelict, EQ etc) and then clicking on one of these would make appear under it the list of it's parameters. Clicking on it again would make the list of it's parameters disappear. This way the whole thing would be quite tidy.
Also, regarding midi learn, it would be awesome if one could assign a midi cc to a parameter also by middle clicking (or similar) on the parameter (in the main window) and moving/triggering his midi controller

2) It would be nice if rakarrack were able to switch to the next or the previous effect in the bank by MIDI program changes.

3) I noticed that sometimes turning on or off an effect causes quite loud pops. Also with some effects, with some parameters, sliding them back and forth produces many clicks and pops instead of a smooth transition. I can provide more precise examples (i.e., which effect, which parameter) if needed (I'm not at home now).  I realize this can be very complicated to sort out and that it can vary from case to case, depending on the type of processing that is being applied to the signal... just pointing it out.

cheers, keep up the good work