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-News on v0.5.8
+News on v0.3.0
-New Bank File format, we include a utility "rakconvert" to convert Bank files
-to the new format.
-New Effects:
+Each instance of rakarrack now saves their own preferences, older config are
+deprecated, then maybe you will need to reconfigure.
-Valve, Dual Flange, Ring, Exciter, Expander, DistBand, Arpie, Shuffle, Synthfilter,
-VaryBand, Convolotron, Looper, MuTroMojo, Echoverse, CoilCrafter,
-ShelfBoost, Vocoder, Sustainer, Sequence, Shifter, StompBox, Reverbtron,
+MIDI support to up 59 effects parameters.
-New Features:
+Bug fixed, now you can use as insert on DAWs programas like ardour,
-Tap Tempo.
-Upsampling using libsamplerate by Erik de Castro Lopo.
-Downsample intesive CPU effects.
-Upsample Waveshapper.
-ACI Analog Control Interface.
-M.Saw, Compress, Overdrive, Soft, Super Soft, Gard Compress, Lmt-NoGain,
-Hard Compress, FET, DynoFET, Valve1, Valve2, Diode clipper.
-LFO Modulation:
-M.Saw, L.Fractal.
-DC Filter Offset at the input.
-Tuner Callibration
-Auto Connect jack input ports.
-GUI and bug fixes.