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Rakarrack is written and mantained by:

	Josep Andreu          holborn@telefonica.net
        José Luis Di Biase    josx@interorganic.com.ar
	Hernán Ordiales       h@ordia.com.ar
        Ryan Billing          ryjobil@gmail.com
        Douglas McClendon     dmc@filteredperception.org

Also other people who collaborate:

        Daniel Vidal          hdanielvidalchornet@gmail.com

Presets by:

	Carlos Pino
	Eugenio Rubio
	Alberto Mendez
	Daniel Vidal
	Hernán Ordiales
	Josep Andreu
	Ryan Billing
	Douglas McClendon

Icons and Logo:
	Timothy Anderson

Background Pictures by:
	Markus Schmidt
	Douglas McClendon  

Parts of code of this app are taken and/or adapted from

	ZynAddSubFX	Paul Nasca Octavian
	tuneit		Mario Lang
	ArtsCompressor	Mathias Kretz & Stefan Westerfeld

Thanks very much to these programmers