Toogling effects on/off from a MIDI interface

  • Hi:

    I'm new to Rakarrack and MIDI. So far, Rakarrack works like a charm.
    Now, I want to toggle effects on and off not having to use the mouse and/or keyboard (not an easy task while playing the guitar!) So, MIDI seems to be the answer. Not having a MIDI input, my first question is:

    Is there any USB compatible MIDI device (pedals set)?

    Now, looking at the MIDI Implementation Chart, Undefined 0x74 (x) input is for toggling on/off effects, but this is puzzling me: while, for example, 0 = Efx 1 Toggle On/Off, 1 = Efx 1 Toggle On/Off,...9 = Efx 5 Toggle On/Off, we can also turn Distortion on and off with 22 = Distortion On/Off.

    So if Distortion is the 3rd effect (Efx 3) should I use 5 = Efx 3 Toggle On/Off or 22 = Distortion On/Off?


    Last edit: Robert Villaverde 2013-05-31