• The Flying Eat
    The Flying Eat

    Guys, awesome project, keep up the good work.

    However I'm having problems with noise, especially when using distortion settings. As soon as I turn the volume up loud enough to be usable I get huge amounts of feedback, screeching and hum. It's not my guitar, laptop or any other bad connection causing the noise and I don't know what it could be.

    There seem to be an insane number of volume controls in the audio path - from input to output: volume control on my guitar, Gnome master volume and PCM, Rakarrack input level, Rakarrack output level, the distortion level, the volume on my laptop and the volume on the speakers which I plug into my laptop. Thoughts?

    • Josep Andreu
      Josep Andreu


      Is true that highest values on drive or level parameters in distorsion effects causes noises, I recommend to use the 0.2.0 version that includes NoiseGate.

      Anyway guitar are mono and normally the input of the line-in or mic in soundcards are stereo, is important to connect in qjackctl the correct channel to the both rakarrack in ports in jack.