Rakarrack controlled by Line6 POD

  • maaarcooose

    I've just been doing some experimentation with my POD, using it's floorboard controller to control Rakarrack on Ubuntu Studio 8.10 via MIDI.

    It all seems to work very well as the patch change on the POD changes the bank in Rakarrack so it effectivly gives me all sorts of options with the effects mapping with the patches on my POD. Then I route the audio from the laptop through my POD into the amp.

    Took me a couple of goes to get it right but it's pretty simple.

    I'm working on a little how to doc for this so will post when I'm done.


    • Josep Andreu
      Josep Andreu

      Hi .. good news ..


    • maaarcooose

      Sorry, it's been a while since I've created my HOWTO, but other mmore important things got in the way. Birth on my baby boy.

      Anyway, here's the HOWTO:


      Rakarrack Controlled by Line6 POD and Floorboard - HOW TO

      By Marc Beaumont


      - Computer, laptop is probably preferable as it fits in nicely with the Guitar effects setup thing.
      - Copy of Ubuntu Studio 8.10 DVD
      - Working internet connection
      - A MIDI to USB lead. (Viewcon one from ebay was about £3)
      - 1 Small stereo jack to large mono jack lead. (to connect from headphone or line out to POD input)
      - 1 Small jack (mono or stereo) to large jack lead. (to connect from Guitar to line in or mic socket)
                                                          (Choice of stereo or mono small jack will depend on socket used on computer)
      - Lead to connect from POD to Amp.
        Want to get adventurous???? try connecting your POD back into the same PC by another input and record it there. (Might be possible????)

      * Install Ubuntu Studio 8.10
         - Select all options

      * Logon as the user you created during setup.
      * Change the SU password (optional but stops you having to do sudo all the time)
        - Open a terminal
        - sudo passwd
        - Enter your user password
        - Now enter the new root password twice.
        - Type 'su'
        - Enter the password.
        - You are now root.
      * Setup your network.
        Don't know why, but every time I install Ubuntu Studio, it seems to not sort out my network.
        Probably best if you have your network connected during install, but if not:
        - Open terminal
        - su (enter root password)
        - ifconfig eth0 up
        - dhclient eth0
        If you are running on wireless, then you'll have to set that up instead.
        Wireless setup is beyond the scope of this HOWTO.
      * Do an update to the system once complete.
         - This isn't 100% required but I did find the updater seems to enable some more repositories.

      * Clean up.
        - I'd recommend shutting down any non required bits of software
          esspecially the battery monitor and update applet as these seem to mess with rakarrack sound output.
          The faster your machine the better.
      * VOLUME
        - I also recomend, before connecting up anything, you set all your volume controls right down
          and adjust afterwards.

      * Command Line:
        - apt-get install cvs g++ automake autoconf libfltk1.1-dev libasound2-dev libjack-dev  libfftw3-dev libxpm-dev
      * Download and compile CVS Rakarrack
        - Command prompt (don't go to su this time)
        - mkdir rakarrack-cvs
        - cd rakarrack-cvs
        - cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@rakarrack.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/rakarrack login
          when the prompt ask for password ... just press enter
        - cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@rakarrack.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/rakarrack co -P rakarrack2
        - cd rakarrack2
        - ./autogen.sh
        - ./configure
        - make
        - sudo make install
      * Connect all the physical stuff.
        Time for all your possible leads, connectors and addaptors
        - I'm using a Viewcon USB Midi connector lead. (Only cost about £3)
        - Connect USB to Laptop
        - Connect MIDI to POD.
        - Connect Floorboard to POD.
        - Connect Output of POD to Amp, ensuring that you AIR switch is in the AMP position.
        - Connect the INPUT of the POD to the Headphones, or line out of your computer.
        - Switch on your POD
        - Connect your Guitar to the Line in or microphone socket.
      * Load Jack Control.
        - Press the start button.

      * Start Rakarrack
        - Click FX ON
        - Check the settings of Rakarrack and make sure the correct MIDI device input is enabled and auto connected.

      * Load patchage
        - Check that the MIDI in connection is connected to the rakarrack MIDI input.
        - Connect system capture 1&2 to rakarack input 1&2
        - Connect Rakarrack output 1&2 to System ouput 1&2.
      * Check MIDI control.
        - Change the patch on your POD and see if it changes the bank in Rakarrack.
        - Move your volume control and it should change the patch volume in Rakarrack.
      * Volume
        Note: If you want to know for sure how good your volume settings are all the way through, use a set of headphones and check volumes at each stage.
              Output from the laptop, output from the POD.
        - Make sure your Guitar volume is all the way up. (I amaze myself at how often I turn this down and forget.)
        - Turn up the Input on the laptop till the input in Rakarrack is in a good place. You can adjust the input in rakarrak to taste.
        - Turn up the Output from Rakarrack.
        - Turn up the Channel volume and Output level on your POD.
        - Turn up your Amp.
      Hopefully you should now hear something.....

      * Create an awsome POD patch and add some Rackarrack effects.

      * ROCK OUT!!!!!!


    • maaarcooose

      Juat as an additional note, I've upgraded said laptop to 9.04 and it still seems to work okay.