Sheesh.  Ok, Ok, guys.  I only got VS2002 in 2003!  


At least I can use this email to convince my wife…er, I mean “Board of Directors”…that purchasing VS2003 is necessary now!  J





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I have to agree.  2003 and 1.1 are the standard now.  Most of us are using them and anyone using the old version shouldn’t have a hard time patching the code for the couple of xml issues we have with 1.0.  I am using Whidbey for some of my stuff now (if not for compiling releases) ..  just in testing.  I like the refactoring support.


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I didn't think anyone used 2002 anymore.  2003 is the way to go.


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All of my current development is under .NET FW 1.1 / VS 2003, so I’d say go for it.





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Hi all,

this is a sort of survey.


Framework 1.1 is out since many months.


I was wondering if we can start target Rainbow for 1.1 and VS 2003 as a default option.


This will ease development and let me fix some warning still have in current version when build in 1.1.


For those that have 2002 only we can provide tools for converting back.


Please reply this mail with your opinion.


Emmanuele De Andreis
Technical Manager
Internet Solutions Provider


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