Hi Manu,
I would like to add the e-commerce module. Just need to change the change the edit to be based on the picture album, I am on it. I have someone helping with the gateway. So all should come pretty soon.
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Hi guys,

I’m really happy about new ideas for version 2, new data layer and so on.

For now I want to definitely close v1 so I just can relax and start thinking next version with ease.


These are my key points to resolve before closing v1, I need your feedback.


I have subdivided it in main areas to ease reading.



The localization is almost done for all core modules

We need a way to easily translate keys placed in db (can be an external app or a rb module) Ideas?



I should receive an updated setup code to create db.


Dll subdivision

Before closing v1 I want to split up the code base in 2 main areas:

Engine and web (like aspnet forums) – The engine is subdivide in mode dll (see attached schema).

I have already worked in this direction moving classes and namespaces.

See if it makes sense.



I was wondering if we should move to a common way for edit pages.

This can be:

1)       Transform current edit pages in modules

2)       Make a Desktopdefult like (DesktopEditPage.aspx?) thag get module id, item id and loads the control, this will imrove consistency

3)       Property too

4)       Add item

5)       View Item




If you have any ideas about features to add or  bugs we need to fix before v1 is released let me know.



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