I was looking around and saw this in a recent codeproject mailing...  It uses class/property attributes to generate SQL tables & column structure.  It is pretty primitive, but with a little work it might be modified to alter existing tables, generate new database elements or whatever based just on those class attributes.  Thought it might be handy...
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   I was trying to be helpful in the forums but really this is a topic I'm
not that involved in.
I do see this comment often and in some recent testing I am a bit curious
as well.

forums post http://www.rainbowportal.net/AspNetForums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=6244
A very common and valid question.  Why the first page takes so long to
load.  Why isn't
webcompile keeping it alive?

2:  Just testing on my system, a 1.2ghz AMD running Windows XP and an
evaluation version
of SQL Server 2000.

aspnet_wp.exe 13 seconds cpu time.
sqlserver.exe 11 seconds cpu time.

Why on earth would sql server need 11 seconds cpu time?  Can there really
be that many
queries in startup to justify 11 seconds cpu time?  I have done some
database projects that
involved far more data, horribly complex many table joins, etc on access 2k
and it didn't
use 3 seconds of cpu time.

Using issreset.exe I purged the aspnet_wp.exe process and any
cache.  Reloaded the
Rainbow portal and also the IBuySpy portal.  Consistently rainbow took 9-11
seconds cpu
time in sql server, IBuySpy portal used less than a second in the
sqlserver.exe process.

Is something wrong here?

Chris Farrell

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