hi Chris
we are planning to create a kind of shop for 3rd parties modules / skins / services rainbow based. I'm sure that there are a lot of hidden modules and the aim is to generate revenues for developers / contributors and to collect commercial stuffs. this should help all of us (easier to buy a module instead of generate a clone).

you will receive an email so soon about this new feature

i think that ur job may be interesting also thinking to the rainbow shop


p.s. if anyone is interested in knowing something more about the shop, pls write to me at graziano@duemetri.com - thnx

Graziano Poretti
http://www.rainbowportal.net - http://www.duemetri.com
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Inviato: domenica 28 settembre 2003 1.45
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Oggetto: [Rainbowportal-devel] issues with module gallery creation,
suggestions welcome.

Hey rainbow team,
   I am working on a module to showcase "Add-In modules" by 3rd party
contributors that are not included in
the core.  Hopefully this will be the rainbow version of snowcovered or the
asp.net control gallery.  There are
a few issues in this module that I have not yet decided how to resolve,
looking for suggestions.

   I am still somewhat of a newbie with rainbow so there might be an easy
fix I'm not aware of, either way here

1:  Edit permissions for owner.  I don't think rainbow supports an "edit by
owner" permission.  The idea is to use
workflow so that an author can submit code and rainbow can review it before
approval.  The problem is that the
author will not be able to update their entry without giving them full
scale edit permissions for all listed items since
permissions are on a per module/tab basis and this module has multiple
items with different owners.  This should
be something we address soon with rainbow IMHO.

2:  File safeguards to prevent deleting/overwriting other peoples
files.  Downloadables are stored on the file system,
I need some method to ensure they do not use the same file name as an
existing file that they didn't create and
over write it.  Since I was considering adding multiple-downloads per item,
I might use dynamically created subfolders.
As of right now files are stored in _Rainbow\ModuleGallery, the idea would
be to have files stored in
_Rainbow\ModuleGallery\ModuleName so that if they do over-write a file it
is their own file.

3:  Pictures/Methods.  Thumbnails have been requested but I don't see they
fit into the equation.  The gallery view
that shows all of the modules on a page/category doesn't have room for
them, the detail view will have a large picture.
I am thinking I will simply set a maximum size for a picture in terms of
width/height, any pictures above the size will
be resized and any pictures below will be centered in the cell of the
table.  Suggestions?

4:  Version compatibility.  I want to have version compatibility for each
module/rb version.  I read about the issues DNN is
having with compatibility from 3rd party contributions, I would like to
prevent the same.  I can do this one of two ways.
        a:  single text field with delimiter.  Let sql server do a full text
search.  Advantage is that it is simpler, cost is that
             it is slower.
        b:  a composite entity
             the ascii representation of a crows foot diagram.  This would allow
better searching for users to select only
             compatible and tested modules.

There it is.  If anyone wants the code, send me an email.  I do not know if
it is in CVS yet and the module is still considered
to be late alpha/early beta.


Chris Farrell

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