Compression would make little or no difference to images, which are already compressed. IIS automatically caches everything it can by default. So neither of these is likely to be the cause of your image loading problems unless someone changed the IIS default settings to something silly and assuming that your server has enough memory to cope with its workload.

You have a couple of 404s showing... probably for "/images/1x1.gif" - best get rid of those.

Overall your site does not look slow to me. Is there a perceived difference in speed between IE and Firefox?

Your server is rejecting pings, indicating that it may be behind an over-enthusiastic firewall system... try tracing between yourself and your server to see any excessive latency in the system.

Rainbow has a full module caching system... are you using it? Most of your modules could probably be cached to improve performance.

Jeremy (jes1111)

On 16/06/05, Patrick Butler Monterde <> wrote:
Hi guys,

I am being confronted with this problem. Our portal is quite rich in images, and dynamic content. We
are having problems with the images not loading as quick as we would like.

We had to remove a couple flash animations because of this, but we are still
having issues. I lookded at the IIS 6.0 compresing capabilities and ISS
Caching. I know some software products what will help with both the caching
and metatags

I wanted to know what is your experience on this area and if you have any


Patrick Butler Monterde

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