I had that problem too.
Turned out that it was caching problem.
I downloaded CVS, cheched the versionnr of FreeTextbox.dll and it was v3
I opened the Rainbow solution in VS (and did nothing else), and then checked version of dll again: v2 !!
This very strange behaviour was caused by VSWEBCACHE. This is a subdir of your Windows Profile (c:\documents and setting\...)

Close VS
Delete vswebcache dir
Download CVS again
And your back on track.... If of course you have the above symptoms too.


Mike Stone wrote:
After a clean checkout I get this error when trying to build the portal.  Is this left over from the port to the new version?  Is it an easy fix?  should it be logged in Jira?  Thanks
C:\Inetpub\Rainbow CVS\CVSROOT\Rainbow\app_code\Rainbow\UI\DataTypes\HtmlEditorDataType.cs(213): 'Rainbow.UI.WebControls.FreeTextBox' does not contain a definition for 'ImageGalleryUrl'
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