There are tools for grab an entire site in htm… It think it is the best for these clients.

Rainbow speed is always slowed down by ASPX engine, no matter what you can do to speed it up (actually 80% of time is net inner code)

Another suggestion is to disable loggin (actually if you want to do a change please make monitoring loggin switchable on web.config) and you should gain another 50%.

A faster hosting can help too (look at this rainbow site: )



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Da: [] Per conto di Thierry (Tiptopweb)
Inviato: marted́ 17 agosto 2004 5.03
Oggetto: [Rainbowportal-devel] caching pages on disk ?


Hi all,


As I am selling Rainbow sites to my customers. Most of the time turning an html site into a Rainbow site, I have to handle the problem of speed.

Sometimes, customers will like the content management, but not be really interested in the personalisation of the content.

Sometimes they would most of the time use the HTML module and this is it.

This is a process to have clients use all the features of Rainbow, they will simply not in the beginning.


In that case, the speed is an issue, Rainbow is too slow from their viewpoint and for how they are using it.

At this point, do not take me wrong: I want to acknowledge all the work that has been done to improve the speed of Rainbow and Esperantus by Manu and others.


SO my idea is the following:

- what about having a button on the pages. On demand and if the page is appropriate, the admin would be able to save the generated content of the page as (for example) <GUID>.aspx and indicate this to the URL handler (maybe an xml file).

This would be like caching these pages on the server and would speed up them definitely for these types of clients.

Other pages will be delivered in the normal way.


My questions are now: what do people think of this idea?

Can someone think of something more elegant or outside my frame of thoughts?

And the inevitable question: someone wants to help with this???