I’m right now working on adding some additional buttons to the ModuleTitle control:


* Print this…

* Email this…

* Back to previous page (for multi-mode modules)


There was recent discussion of Admin help, so I reckon I should add a role-sensitive help function too, whilst I’m in there. I estimate release of Back/Print/Email within a few days. Help could be a day or two after that.




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I'll do items 2a-2d for the Discussion module.  Will be completed by May 5.


- Are there instructions/guidelines somewhere for creating:

1) the install/uninstall scripts

2) the XML install file


- Do core modules really need these scripts or are they just installed by default?


- What should an uninstall script do?

        Delete the stored procedures? 

        Delete the code files?

        Delete the module registration and all module instance data?

        Delete the pertinent tables and all their data? - this could be difficult because 2 modules could potentially access the same table. 

        Delete all data in a table associated with the module? - what about when someone extends the architecture so modules can share the same row data?


- How are the install and uninstall scripts evoked?




The module help is a great idea!  For end user help I suggest a ? icon in the module header.  It would be easy to add this to one of the base classes but modules need a way to disable it if they don't provide a help page - It really annoys me when I click on a help link only to get the message "Help not available for this topic".


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Hi folks,

I noticed we need some improvement on modules. Any volunteer?


1.      Provide a standard way for get help on a module from an user perspective

a.       Admin help (for portal administrator)

b.      User help (for final user)

c.       Custom help (a blank page that can be filled by admin for explain how use that module in that context)

2.      Provide old modules (those that are already on the core from long time) of:

a.       Install / uninstall scripts

b.      Install xml description

c.       Help

d.      Readme or jpg samples (as you like, not required)



All this task are no dependent each other so can be done from different persons.


Please reply to this mail saying what you want to do before actually start so other know that someone is working on it.

For start do not choose more than one task and provide an estimated completion date.

Thanks for you collaboration.




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