Fyi - this is just being sent to people on the development mailing list, it's not a real newsletter, well not yet anyway…

Below are this week's changes to the Rainbow web site.

I'll be "going dark" Monday afternoon for the month of July while taking a much needed vacation.  I'll only have intermittent email access, and none between July 1 - 8th.

See you in August.



MUST READ: new (and merged) instructions for using CVS and the RULES for checking in code

MUST READ: New short note: Don't break the installation document

updated page for end user documentation:

New page for developer documentation

Updated Feature Overview (its almost complete, Brian's doing a great job on the Module Overview))

Updated 'best practices for writing modules, merged with a previous document on commenting guidelines

New short note: a script to change database ownership

New Short Note: testing SMTP services

New page for the QA Team

Significantly updated page for the Documentation Team

Updated Design Team Page with contest announcement

Lots of new module ideas on the Modules Team page

Updates to the Core Team page

A few new 'powered by' Rainbow Sites