Ok guys,
what about writing down a plan for the certification?
what would you like in it? what would the main highlights be? What about having different levels of certifications?
And what about the logo? have we decided?
In my opinion, the Rainbow Shop shouldn't contain only the certified skins (maybe if we had different certification levels that could be possible...).
We should give the community the chance to develop skins to be sold in order to have more offers in the shop, that would allow us to have a larger graphic community base (and, why not? less free skins ! ;-))...
The certified skins could stay in a separate part of the shop itself, with a different price (I agree with Graziano's point of view).
Otherwise we could allow "certified teams" to enter in the shops...
Those are just very drafted ideas,
let me know yours!
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I think the "Rainbow-Shop" should only contain "certified" skins & modules.