OK - I'm making progress on this.  I figured out the libcsound64.so.6.0 problem. It was easy.  I didn't have /usr/local/lib in my LIBRARY path.  Once I fixed that, CsoundQt loaded just fine.

Also, regarding jack, I made a discovery.  CsoundQt DOES appear in the qjackctl connectons window, but only while a .csd is actually running.  As soon as the score is finished, the entry disappears from the window.


On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Steve Duell <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hey Andres,

I'm glad you're not bugged.  I hate being a help vampire.

Indeed, I read on csound git that there were some bugfixes regarding rtjack.  So, I decided to remove the version of csound 6.0.2 that I had picked up from the arch user repository, and I installed 6.0.3 from git.  Csound compiled just fine (or so I assume - there were no errors during the build process).

After that, CsoundQt would no longer run. When started from a terminal, I got this:

error while loading shared libraries: libcsound64.so.6.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I checked, though, and that file definitely does exist on my machine.  The path to it is /usr/local/lib.

Doing some detective work, I opened up the qcs-unix.pro file.  In it, there is a reference to libcsound64.so.  In my /usr/local/lib directory, I have libcsound64.so, but it appears to be just a link to libcsound64.so.6.0. 

I rebuilt CsoundQt from the very latest git, and still, I get the same error in the terminal.  Weird.  I also grepped the whole CsoundQt directory for any mention of libcsound64.so.6.0, and the only match I get is the binary file.  I don't know if my detective work is helpful or not, but I hope it at least points in the right direction.



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