Great to hear it's working. There is no problem in not copying the file to /usr/bin. If you want to put it there, or a link I would suggest /usr/local/bin instead, as that is the usual place for things you have built yourself.


On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 2:37 AM, esteband <steveduell@gmail.com> wrote:
Oh yeah!  That was it, Tarmo!  Compiling it as the doubles version got me through to the end.  There is now a "CsoundQt-d-cs6" in the bin folder.

Thanks for the tip about doubles vs. float.  I recall feeling a little bummed when I thought that the doubles version wouldn't run on my hardware.  Now I'm relieved and pleased.

One further question: am I done?  So far, in my linux experience, executables usually live in /usr/bin or some place.  This one, though, is just kind of buried in the midst of the package I cloned from git.  Do CsoundQT users just leave it at that?

Thanks again for getting me over the hump!


On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 1:48 AM, Tarmo Johannes [via QuteCsound Users] <[hidden email]> wrote:

One thing:
from 'bin/CsoundQt-f-cs6' the 'f' tells that you are building a floats version
of CsoundQt, ie it would need the single-presision Csound library.

I guess, AV-Linux uses still 32-bit architecture? But it does not matter -
here the double-precision (64 bit) of Csound does not mean the architecture,
but just how precise numbers are used for inner calculations of Csound.
It is easy to get confused. I definitely suggest to use double precision -
better sound and nowadays it is not so crucial to save some performance power
with the floats build

So I guess your Csound is built double precision and that's why the library is
not found.  Or there is something else wrong in the configuration to find the
csound library (folder containing libcsound64.so for doulbe build and for
libcsound.so for floats build).

I think you are already very close! Keep going!


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