This is looking terrific! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

I have developed an extremely large live performance project with MacCsound and it translates quite well to QuteCsound. There are some minor appearance differences, and after just a little testing I think the sound is not exactly the same; but at this point it’s a little early to tell, since I’ve been tweaking the sound just today.

For testing purposes, would you be interested in this project? There’s about 2900 lines of orc code, which interacts with many, many widgets. I would be happy to post an archive of the entire project, including the files that it references, if you like.

-Lou Cohen

On 11/29/08 7:52, "Andres Cabrera     " <> wrote:

Hi all,

I've put up a new version of QuteCsound for Mac Intel and PPC.
QuteCsound is now very close to completely replicating the full set of
widgets from MacCsound, with the addition of the new Controller widget
in this release. The major show stopper, which was the inability to
run threaded on the Mac platform seems to be addressed as long as
displays are disabled in the command line options (-d in Addtional
command line flags) and the virtual MIDI input keybard is not used.
Please report if you still find QuteCsound crashing under ordinary
This version also includes many small bugfixes an several small new
features which have been suggested on the qutecsound-users list.

You can get it at:

New in 0.3.7:
-Implemented "Controller" widget, which replicates the MacCsound
ioMeter widget. It can act as a meter, but also as an x-y joystick
-Opcode entries can now be viewed in external browser
-New back and forward actions for dock help (Alt+left and Alt+right)
-Added option to show widgets on run
-f-sigs and labels are now colored in the editor
-Utilities now run through the API if useAPI is set in options
-Added option to use/disable command line options from QuteCsound
-All open files are remembered, not only the last active one
-When widget values change, document is flagged as modified

-Stability on OS X greatly improved
-Console widget now resizes properly
-Button now saves its value
-Fixed printing of messages and read/write widget values when running
in same thread
-Browse buttons now work in utilities dialog
-Hardware buffer active preference is now saved

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QuteCsound related issues:


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