#8 upload Time out


when uploading large files , app times out and logs out
the user (send user to login screen)


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    I thinks that's PHP issue. The upload process timeout is due
    to the body limitation. Normally, the default php.ini has a
    body limitation and was set to 2MB. If you want to extend the
    upload file and ensure the file was transfered completed, you
    have to update the file php.ini and replace two lines below,

    memory_limit=2M <= When a file was opened, the php
    engine need to allocate enough memory for this file copied
    from remote site(file upload computer) to your local memory
    first (QuiXplore located computer). If the memory is not big
    enough, the php engine need to do many time of swap.
    Therefore, updated this flag as big as you want the file to be
    upload. My suggestion is "memory_limit=128M"

    post_max_size=2M <== This flag control the limitatation of
    total size of php post body. This flag also block the upload
    process, since the php engine have no idea how big the file
    will be put into the post body. Whenever the file was upload
    and exceed the post body maximum, the php engine will be
    reset and restart engine again. This is also the reason that
    cause upload process hang. Suggestion is
    post_max_size=64M. This means you can only upload file as
    big as 64Mega Bytes.

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