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#13 download links go to 'localhost'

B.J. Kramer

site: (port forwarded
thru NAT)
OS: windows 2003, apache, PHP 4.4.0

All the links when clicking on a file in the
file/folder list come from 'localhost' instead of the
proper site host (for example, if you hover over a file
name the status bar will read:
http://localhost/filename.txt\). Clicking on the
download button works correctly, and clicking on
*directories* in the listing works correctly as well.

The only thing 'wierd' I'm doing is supplying a UNC
path to the data files. (ie
\\servername\share\quixplorer) (I can't run apache on
my file server, and need to have the files quixplorer
exposes to be on that file server). I don't see how
this would be related, but I'm reporting it in the
interest of full disclosure.

The picture I'm attaching is what you get when you
connect in from a remote system and hover your mouse
over a filename. Look at the status bar and you'll see
the problem I'm talking about. Hovering the mouse over
a folder, or over the download button shows a correct
URL in the status bar (for example,


  • B.J. Kramer
    B.J. Kramer

    screen shot of error (look at statusbar)

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    This may be fixed with Revision 17 of Quixplorer from the SVN repository. The file leads now to the same link as the download button which also solves some other problems with access rights.

    The bugfix will be published with the next release.

    • status: open --> open-fixed