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#2 Three proposals

Tor Vidvei

Thank you for a very handy and useful plugin!

After I started to use NotePad++ and QuickText to write html-files, I got three ideas for (possible?) improvements:

If you press Ctrl+Enter and no matching snippet is found, you should get a list of snippets to choose from, similar to the auto complete feature in NP++.

Variant: If you have written a tag only partly, the list should display only the matching tags / snippets as in the auto complete feature.

(A similar idea is mentioned in a previous request.)

If you want to insert tags in your html-code after you have written the text, it could be handy to mark a piece of text and then press Ctrl+Enter to have the tags inserted before and after the marked text-block. E.g. When you press Ctrl+Enter after having marked a text-block, you should get a droplist of the snippets to select from. This operation is unambiguous when there are just one entrypoint ('$') in the snippet. In snippets with more than one entrypoint, it should be possible to indicate which entrypoint to substitute with the marked text, eg. by a '$$' instead of '$'. (If the last entrypoint is used by default, it would not be may changes to the snippet definitions in html.)

3. (Lower priority than 1 and 2)
It would be nice to have a comment / short description for each snippet to be displayed in the droplists. Following standard syntax for line comments you could append '//'+comment at the end of each snippet-line in quicktext.ini.

Best Regards,
Tor Vidvei


  • Sam Rawlins
    Sam Rawlins

    • priority: 5 --> 6