Won't Read DVD

  • I am having problems getting it to read my DVD.
    MPlayer = /usr/bin/mplayer
    MEncoder = /usr/bin/mencoder
    Transcode = /usr/bin/tcprobe
    DVD Drive = /dev/cdrom
    Temp Path = /home/landenm/Desktop

    Everytime I try to scan a dvd it gives me the generic error that tells me to make sure that my paths are set right and that there is a DVD in the drive. I have triple checked the paths and they are all correct. I have a newer laptop which is the Compaq X1000 so the newer CDRW/DVD drive might be throwing something off. Any suggestion as to how to get this software to work would be very helpful.

    • Tom Chance
      Tom Chance

    • so .... i had the same problem
      and i fixed it ...

      i did a symlink /dev/hdb (cdrom in your case) -> /dev/dvd

      mencoder looks in /dev/dvd for the dvd tracks