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QuickQWERTY development has been moved to GitHub

QuickQWERTY has been completely rewritten from scratch and its source code and online tutor are now available at new URLs.

You can practice touch typing with the online tutor application at http://quickqwerty.com/.

The source code of QuickQWERTY can be now found at http://github.com/susam/quickqwerty.

Posted by Susam Pal 2013-08-16

Complete set of typing lessons available

QuickQWERTY 0.1 has been released. It now has a complete set of typing lessons. Units 16 to 21 are the new lessons introduced in this release. These lessons train the user to type numbers and thus make the set of lessons complete.

Another important change that has been made in this release is the minimum typing speed that is considered satisfactory to move on to the next lesson. Previously, the software used to warn the user to try the lesson again if he couldn't type it at a speed of 200 characters per minute or greater. This was discouraging for beginners because beginners rarely reach this speed easily and thus, the warning by the software was discouraging. For a beginner, speed is not very important. Accuracy is more important than speed for a beginner. So, the minimum speed required to move to the next lesson has now been set as 50 characters per minute.

Posted by Susam Pal 2009-05-09

Internet Explorer issues fixed in QuickQWERTY

After the first QuickQWERTY release on SourceForge.net it was found that the software was not running on Internet Explorer. The issue was caused due to certain JavaScript codes which run fine on Firefox but not on Internet Explorer. These issues were fixed in the last few weeks and as a result a new release has been made today.

This new release, version 0.0.6, does not have any new units. This release only fixes issues. Units for covering the numeric keys is still a pending task in this project.

Posted by Susam Pal 2008-12-21

QuickQWERTY moved to SourceForge.net

QuickQWERTY is a typewriting trainer written by Susam Pal <http://susam.in/>. This software trains the user to type correctly by using the right finger for the right key. Once the user completes all the units properly, he/she should be able to type any English text without looking at the keyboard.

QuickQWERTY can be run by any popular browser that has JavaScript enabled. The aim of the project is to provide a complete set of typing lessons. However, the software and the user interface should be as simple as possible. The software should be easily accessible. Users can download the software and use it on their desktop or simply visit http://quickqwerty.sourceforge.net/ and practise online.... read more

Posted by Susam Pal 2008-11-22