QuickMAN v1.03 released: Fullscreen mode and some bug fixes

This minor release adds finally adds fullscreen mode. Click the Fullscreen button or press 'F' and you'll get a whole screen full of Mandelbrot imagery, without any annoying windows, icons, or taskbars to distract you.

By default the control window is hidden in fullscreen mode. You can toggle it on or off by pressing 'C'. To make fullscreen navigation easier, there are some new hotkeys: 'N' and 'P' perform the functions of the Next and Previous buttons for moving through logfile images, and 'H' goes to the home image. These keys also work in non-fullscreen mode.

You can press 'F' again (or the universal panic button, Esc) to exit fullscreen mode and go back to the normal window.

There are a couple other small features: there's a new Options configuration file setting that allows you to specify 1) whether the image should be recalculated immediately when you resize the window, and 2) whether the control window should initially be shown or hidden when you go into fullscreen mode. These are just the first two of 32 bits available; I expect to have more Options in the future.

This release also fixes the following bugs:

1. The maxiters_color failed to reset properly to the default value in quickman.cfg. It also reset itself at inappropriate times.

2. The control window got mangled when using large fonts in Windows Vista.

3. The panning algorithm went haywire and painted the screen incorrectly at very high magnifications.

As often happens, I found a new bug shortly after releasing v1.02 yesterday. So v1.03 fixes this additional bug:

4. Any image that was panned after being calculated would be logged with incorrect coordinates (showstopper!)

Posted by Paul Gentieu 2008-02-10