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Full PDF User Manual now available

With the release of v2.5.2 comes a PDF user manual available for download. http://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files/v2.5.2-Windows/UserManual.pdf/download

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-10-24

v2.5.2 released

v2.5.2 October 2014 For the Windows version only : Implemented a scheduler for disk hashing, allowing the user the ability to schedule a start time for their chosen disk. Useful, for example, if a disk is currently being used or examined with an estimated completion time of 2 hours which is after the examining user may have gone home and unable to start the disk hashing process. Now, the user can specify a start date and time that is two or 3 hours after the estimated end time of the other task, and QuickHash will then commence hashing automatically without the need for the user to start it. If no valid start time is entered, the program starts hashing as soon as the chosen disk is double clicked, as normal.... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-10-24

New features in v2.5.2...coming soon

v2.5.2, to be released very soon (probably in a day or two) adds a great new feature to disk hashing - the ability to schedule a disk hash start time. This is useful if you have some other software doing something time consuming with the disk that you don't want to disturb at that moment, but which you know will be finished in X minutes or X hours. So, after X time, QuickHash will commence hashing the disk, after the other software has finished doing its thing. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-10-07

v2.5.1 for Linux x64 & x32 distributions released

All the improvements detailed in the v2.5.1 Windows release notes.

The 64 bit version is the Sourceforge default version. If you run a 32-bit distribution, please download the 32-bit version from the 'Files' section of the Quickhash homepage.

Remember to ensure your downloaded file is made executable and then simply double click it.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-09-05

v2.5.1 for Windows released - now with Drag n Drop!

The new dynamic text hashing worked fine - new hashes appeared as the user typed, but if the user then chose a different hash algorithm, without changing the text, users felt it would be better for the hash to update dynamically too. So that was applied.

When you clicked in the text area, it was always cleared automatically, for convenience. However, users felt it might be better to only clear the default standing text on entering the text field, rather than always clearing it. So now it only clears it if the default standing text is in the box. After that, it only clears the box if the user consciously clicks the "Clear Text Box" button. This allows the user to add text, then add some more text a few minutes later without losing what they had first.... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-09-04

v2.5.0 for Windows released

What's new?

New tab added for comparing the content of two directories by hash and file count together. Choose one directory, then choose another directory, and QuickHash will compare one against the other based on the number of files and the hashes of all of those files. If both the file count and all the file hashes match, you can be sure that DirB is an exact copy of the files in DirA. This does not mean that the directory STRUCTURE is exactly the same - only that the files in those directories are the same. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-09-02

v2.4.2 released for all platforms

v2.4.0 saw hugh speed increases in the MD5 and SHA1 computations due to a re-write of the SHA1Transform and MDTransform functions. In some cases, as much as 40% over any previous version of QuickHash.

v2.4.1 and 2.4.2 saw additional interface improvements and some other things to enhance useability. It was then a good time to release the Linux versions of these.

July 27th 2014 saw the release of 2.4.2 for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux platforms. On Windows, the 32-bit version works fine under both 32 or 64 bit architectures. Linux, however, needs a seperate compiled binary for each operating system architecture. Please note that there is no performance difference between the 32-bit or 64-bit versions. The 32-bit one should work just the same as the 64-bit one.... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-07-27

v2.3 adds Unicode support and v2.4 adds physical disk hashing

Both of these updates apply to the Windows version. However, v2.4 for Linux was released today to provide a 64-bit version of QuickHash for Linux. There is no performance difference between a 32-bit or 64-bit version of QuickHash. However, on Linux, a 32-bit compiled binary will not run on a 64-bit platform and visa versa.

So, 32-bit Linux users should download the v2.2 version of QuickHash. 64-bit Linux users should download v2.4. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-07-14

V2.2 for Windows Released

Same error fix level as 2.2 for Linux. Major correction regarding hashing large files with SHA256 or SHA512.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-11-12

V2.2 for Linux Released

This brings the interface and functionality in line with the Windows 2.1 version (2.2 for Win to be released imminently). Crucially, it fixes and error when hashing large files (4Gb+) using the SHA256 and SHA512 hashing algorithms. MD5 and SHA1 were fine in earlier versions (and SHA-1 is still the default).

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-11-12

Version 2.1.0 Released

v2.1 - June 2013

All versions prior to 2.1 suffered a 32-bit 4Gb limitation when copying (as part of the 'Hash, Copy, Hash' routine) a single file larger than 4Gb. That was fixed by casting the "filesize" variable to Int64 instead of Int32 meaning the size limitation is now set by your filesystem only
(16 Exabytes for NTFS).

International language support added for filenames and directories that contain or might be created of a non-English nature by use of UTF8 casting. For example, the destination directory for "Hash, Copy, Hash" can now contain non-English characters. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-06-11 Labels: quickhash hashing sha1 md5 sha256 sha512

Correction to compiled architecture of Linux version

Version 2.0.0 for Linux released recently was compiled on a 64-bit architecture, meaning it would work find on 64-bit Linux systems but not 32-bit ones.

As it does not utlise 64-bit resources, and as a 32-bit version works on both 32-bit AND 64-bit, I have just replaced the somewhat restrictive 64-bit version with the more globally useful 32-bit version.

No changes other than that, though

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-03-07

Version 2.0.0 Released

Pleased to announce the release of QuickHash Version 2.0.0, now with a tabbed interface allowing it's smaller overall size to be used on smaller monitors or resolutions. Lots of other improvements - Release Notes refer

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-02-26 Labels: QuickHash hashing md5 sha-1 sha256 sha512

Version 2.0 to be released very soon!

In recent weeks I have had a lot of requests for QuickHash to run on smaller resolution systems. v2 has just that - a tabbed interface with each hashing feature in its own tab and it should fit on screen resolutions of about 1000 pixels or slightly less without issue.

There are also lots of other improvements.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-02-06 Labels: quickhash tabbed v2

v1.5.6 of QuickHash released

v1.5.6 of QuickHash released for both the Windows and Linux platforms.

This version brings massive speed improvements simply by not asking the program to refresh the grid display for every file. It turned out that it was not so much the hashing that was taking the time - simply displaying the activity to the user was slowing it down. That said, you do still get the popular grid display - it simply waits until it has "done its thing" before it shows it to you. Tests show that data sets that previously took 120 seconds now take 12 seconds! A 90% boost! ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2013-01-07 Labels: quickhash sha1 sha512 sha256 md5 gui linux windows

v1.4 Nearly Finished with SHA256, SHA512, MD5

v1.4 of Quick Hash (the best Linux GUI for hashing files and perhaps the best for Windows outside of a forensic tool) is on the verge of being released.

I have added the MD5, SHA256 and SHA512 hashing algorithms for all hashing requirements (strings, a file or a directory of files). However, I am trying to work out a way to increase the speed for SHA256 and SHA512 before I release it.

I wasn't going to bother with MD5 on the grounds of hash collisions, but at the end of the day, website security aside, an MD5 hash is still extremely reliable and fast to compute and the chance of two different files having the same hash are still 340 billion billion billion billion to one, even with the engineered collision results. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2011-10-31

1.3.1 coming soon with HTML export facility

The other day I released version 1.3.0 of Quick hash that included the ability to export the results of a recurisve directory hash to a comma seperated text file (CSV).

1.3.1 will be released very soon and includes the ability to export the same results as an HTML file, instead of or as well as the CSV file.

It also has an improvemement to the text area hashing that strips out white spaces to the left or right of the string and removes the default prompt when you click in it, thus avoiding the user doing it manually, as is the case currently with 1.3.0 and below.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2011-09-20

Quick Hash Released

Quick Hash is a GUI application for both Linux and Windows that allows rapid hashing of text strings, single files, recursive directory hashing of thousands of files or, when used with Linux, physical hashing of disks by anyone regardless of their technical awareness.

There are tools that enable these features but many are either command line driven or involve a large number of mouse clicks to generate the same output. The advantage of QuickHash is that you just select what you want to hash (string, file or entire directory) and it goes off and does it and shows you the output as soon as it's done. All output can copied to clipboard and then pasted into a spreadsheet. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2011-05-08