QuickFIX 1.6.0 is now available here:
release notes are here:



One thing to note for C++ users that want to upgrade,  each message is now in its own file.  So instead of including quickfix/Messages.h, you must now include the individual messages you are using.  i.e., quickfix/fix42/NewOrderSingle.h.  This needed to be done to resolve the heap errors in visual studio which couldn’t handle the large include.


Otherwise this guy has FIX 4.4 for C++ and java, .NET support for 4.4 will be coming out a little later (more heap issues with visual studio, so the .NET message will also need to be separated out).  But .NET users, you now have the isSetField method you have all been clamoring for!  See the release notes for a complete list of changes.