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quexs / News: Recent posts

queXS: 1.0.0 Released

queXS 1.0.0 (Stable) has been released today. See http://quexs.sourceforge.net/node/30 for release details

Posted by Adam Zammit 2010-01-15

queXS: 0.9.6 (Release Candidate 2) Released

queXS 0.9.6 has been released on Sourceforge today. For more details see: http://quexs.sourceforge.net/node/27

Posted by Adam Zammit 2009-04-16

queXS: 0.9.5 (Release Candidate 1) Released

queXS 0.9.5 (also the first release candidate) has been released today on Sourceforge. For more information about the release, see: http://quexs.sourceforge.net/node/25

Posted by Adam Zammit 2009-02-23

queXS 0.9.4 Released

queXS 0.9.4 has been released. Details of the changes are available here: http://quexs.sourceforge.net/node/21

Posted by Adam Zammit 2008-12-10

queXS: 0.9.3 Released

queXS 0.9.3 has been released today.

Bug fixes:
*Removed direct links to internal DCARF addresses
*Will create a respondent even if no firstName or lastName is given (in RDD samples)
*admin/addshift.php: All days show up by using day_of_week database as source
*Replaced _top with _self to make sure LimeSurvey windows only open within admin frame

New features:
*Split configuration file in to default and user
*LimeSurvey configuration now relies on queXS configuration (so only config.inc.php need be configured by the user)
*Creating a new questionnaire in LimeSurvey will have required queXS settings by default

Posted by Adam Zammit 2008-11-24

queXS: 0.9.2 Released

queXS 0.9.2 has been released.

Adds the ability to modify the shift template and call restrictions. Fixes the RecordCount bug.

Posted by Adam Zammit 2008-11-18

queXS: 0.9.1 Released (bug fixes and Windows XAMPP install)

queXS 0.9.1 released

Fixes limesurvey installation bug (missing install directory)
Fixes call screen closing bug when VoIP disabled

Adds a Windows easy installer (with queXS pre installed) based on XAMPP

Posted by Adam Zammit 2008-10-16

queXS: 0.9.0 (Beta) First public release

queXS is an Open Source (GPL) web based CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) package that is designed to operate an outbound telephone research centre.

First public release of queXS - 0.9.0 (Beta)

queXS handles questionnaire design (via LimeSurvey and queXML), integration with VoIP (Asterisk), operator management and performance, data output in standard formats (DDI), client progress reporting, easy sample file import, simple appointment system, fast and effective case queuing, and more. ... read more

Posted by Adam Zammit 2008-10-15