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The simple solution is to get the latest quexmlpdf.php from SVN (see: ) and change $idLength in quexmlpdf.php to 5. For more details read on:

There are two issues here. One with queXML and one with queXF.

queXML: For the barcode, the default number stored is 8 digits - 6 for the id and 2 for the page (see $idLength and $pageLength in quexmlpdf.php). Therefore you will need to reduce the %idLength and increase the %pageLength to 5 and 3 respectively to remain 8 digits, or increase to 9 digits - but see the issue with queXF below if you increase to 9 digits.

queXF: queXF uses the config directive: BARCODE_LENGTH_PID (defaults to 8) to make sure that only correct page identifying barcodes are read. If it is now 9 digits, this must be changed.

What would have happened in the default state is that for the first 99 pages - the barcode length would be 8. Then for pages >= 100 it would become 9 digits long, therefore queXF would ignore the pages.

Adam Zammit

On 22 November 2011 23:11, emmexx <> wrote:
Is there any limit on the number of pages that can be imported?

A questionnaire I created using quexml has more than 250 pages. I tried
to import it but only the first 100 pages were imported and the banding
file wasn't imported at all.

If there's a limit? Can it be changed? Where?

Thank you

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