Adam and other users of QueXF,
I am using QueXF with a self made pdf and banding file. I’ve compared my banding file against the ones generated by QueXML, and it seems to be right. When I upload the sample pdf and banding file that’s provided, the verify page works. When I upload my pdf and banding file, it doesn’t.
I ran firebug on both. On the sample, I get no errors. On my pdf, I get a script error that says “document.getElementById("boxGroupBox_" + x) is null   errorline:document.getElementById('boxGroupBox_' + x ).style.visibility = 'hidden';”
I am at a loss. What am I missing? Is it something as simple as my boxes are too close together? Do I need lines between the boxes? Am I missing something in the banding file?
I attached a screenshot of my verify page, the banding I upload, the banding queXF will generate if you select it from the output menu, my unverified data, and the blank pdf.