#3 trouble compiling under Sol 2.6 (Intel)

John A. Antolak


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    I am trying to install version 1.20.1 under Solaris 2.6 running on an Intel machine. I fixed my
    path so that the configure script runs successfully, but when I try to "make install" I get the
    following error message before anything starts compiling.

    mksh: Fatal error in reader: = missing from replacement macro reference
    Current working directory /home/antolak/gnu/GNU-q/Queue-1.20.1

    I am rather new to Unix adminstration and I have never seen an error like this. I searched the
    Makefile for mksh and reader, but they are not there. I am currently using the Sun Workshop
    compilers and (I assume) its version of make. I read somewhere in the documentation that
    using the GNU compiler and make might be easier, so I am currently working to install them.
    However, if anyone has a clue what this error message means, I would be grateful. I searched
    the developers list ardhives and wasn't able to find anything like this. I get exactly the same
    error running "configure --enable-root" and "make install" under the root account, and running
    "configure" and "make install" under my normal user account. If a copy of "configure.log" would
    help, please let me know.

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    The main problem was an old version of make in my path. I used a new version (Sun Preformance
    Workshop 3.0, C version 4.2) and got a different error.

    /LOCAL/local/SUNWspro/bin/cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -g -c handle.c
    command line: fatal: invalid arg for option M D: No such file or directory
    cc: acomp failed for handle.c
    make: *** [handle.o] Error 2

    I traced it to the following in the makefile.

    %.o: %.c
    @echo '$(COMPILE) -c $<'; \ $(COMPILE) -Wp,-MD,.deps/$(*F).pp -c $<

    The problem is that although "-M" is valid for cpp, "-MD" is not. Since I don't know what was intended, I
    can't really know how to fix it.

  • Werner G Krebs
    Werner G Krebs

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    It looks like the Sun performance workshop compiler is incompatible with the GNU autoconf/automake
    makefile, which isn't very surprising.

    I suggest trying with the GNU tools. (I'm sure it's a great compiler, but we can't support everything and
    that's a commercial product that few people have! If someone posts reasonable patches, we'll be happy to
    support it.)

  • Werner G Krebs
    Werner G Krebs

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