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data files / file based sources

  • Dear Reader!

    Qucs (0.0.16) is not properly reading data files when trying to load
    a data file into a "file based voltage source". I use the "transient analysis".

    First, I simulated a simple AC voltage source and got results.
    These results I exported into a csv-file (Project->Export to CSV...).

    Next, I tried to simulate a "file based voltage source" using the
    csv-file which Qucs previously created. But, the program aborts and gives
    the following error message:

    ERROR: file `test.csv' must have time as an independent and the voltage source samples as dependents

    Now, I converted the csv-file into an dat-file with the aid of
    Qucs (Project->Import/Export data). It worked fine. However,
    loading the newly converted file yields the same error message:

    ERROR: file `test.dat' must have time as an independent and the voltage source samples as dependents

    I checked the file with an editor and it looks fine.
    Is this a bug, or am I something missing???

    Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.


    • Dear Reader,

      after playing around for a while, I detected my mistake.
      It is important that the file format and the data itself is
      not corrupted. Under Windoze my exel program screwed up my data
      format, that is while exporting into csv dots and commata were
      mixed ... of course Qucs is complaining. (Under Linux my
      programs did't screw up my data - result: the standard behaviour
      of windowze programs must properly be corrected not to screw up data formats.)

      For making it clear for other users:

      1) In order to convert csv-files into qucs-dat-files the numbers must
      contain decimal points (not commata).

      2) The Qucs data format is

      \<Qucs Dataset 0.0.16>
      \<indep nameXaxis datalength>
      \ 1.00e00
      \ 2.10e00
      \<dep nameYaxis nameXaxis>
      \ -2
      \ -3

      The first line is just the header.
      In the second line the independent x-axis data is definen
      whereas "nameXaxis" can be any name and the
      datalength must exactely fit the following data lines.
      In the line \<dep nameYaxis nameXaxis> the dependent
      y-data is defined whereas "nameYaxis" can be any name
      and "nameXaxis" refers to the second line.

      good luck