Qucs with Visual C++ 2008 (with QT add-in)

  • Mehdi Davoudi
    Mehdi Davoudi

    Dear All,

    I have to give lots of thanks for designing Qucs because most of developers in the electronic fields consider it as a powerful tool.
    I want to develop my application using the Qucs source code and I want to use the schematic editor part.
    Would you please give me some instructions for importing Qucs into VC in Windows which has the QT add-in?
    If it is not applicable, please guide me how to do it in a different way(e.g. using MinGW compiler or…).

    Thanks in Advance,
    Best Regards,

  • Frans

    Dear Mehdi,
    If you install Mingw / msys and QT, you can just use the command prompt.
    In that case you can just run:
    If you create a github account, and create a fork of git://github.com/fransschreuder/qucs.git, you can also publish your sourcecode there. This is a complete checkout (including all revisions) which I pulled from CVS.

    Frans Schreuder